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About Us

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David Nianouris has been a licensed Realtor in the State of Ohio since 1975. Affiliated with the regional firm of HER Realtors, he is the Vice President of the commercial division of theessayclub writemyessayrapid.comthe firm, HER Realtors Business for Dayton-Cincinnati.

As a commercial Realtor, David has marketed, managed and sold retail, office, multi-family and industrial real estate. In addition to his representing clients professional coursework help in

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these types of properties, David is also an investor in commercial, industrial-flex, medical offices, development land, along with residential holdings. He has developed numerous residential and commercial developments in the Dayton area theessayclub writemyessayrapid.com through David Paul Development, LLC.

David Paul Development has extensive experience and excellent working relationships with area Engineers, Architects, General Contractors, and City Planners, along with lenders and legal professionals. Ownership also brings extensive knowledge of building components custom essay topics, maintenance requirements and management matters.

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